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About Kentucky Meadows

Kentucky Meadows is family-owned and operated by Ed and Terri Crowley. We are located in Versailles Kentucky, the heart of the bluegrass. Our goal is to produce the finest high-quality wool and farm to table products possible. We love our sheep, and are passionate about producing the finest quality wool and wool products. Our high quality wool breeds include Merino, Rambouillet, and Cormo sheep. We also raise Scottish Black Face, East Friesian, and Valaise Blacknose sheep. 


Our farm to table offerings include free range, pasture raised Muscovy chicken and duck eggs. We offer a unique dairy share program with cows, goats, and sheep's milk. We also offer sheep and beef shares.


Located in the ‘heart of the bluegrass’, the our sheep enjoy year-round bluegrass pasture, which aids in producing exceptional quality wool. We are a member of the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) as well as the National Rambouillet Breeder, Cormo, Delaine Merino Associations and Valaise Blacknose Associations.


Our breeding program is focused on constantly improving our wool quality, wool volume, and lamb production. We provide registered breeding rams and a limited number of ewes for sale each year.



High-Quality Wool

About our Flocks

We focus on raising very high-quality wool. Both Merino and Rambouillet wool is considered premier wool used in the finest fabrics. We average 20 micron (fine wool grade with a spinning count of 64s) fleeces from our Rambouillet and Delaine Merino sheep. The Rambouillet wool tends to have a little more ‘crimp’, giving it a little more bounce than Merino.  We are very excited about our recent edition to the farm, a naturally colored Merino who has a beautiful chocolate covered wool. 

Associations & Certifications

Pictures from the Farm